Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 14, Issue 2 (2011) by Huaguo Zhou, Stephanie Bromfield, Pei-Sung Lin

This paper presents an overview of Yield-to-Bus (YTB) programs in Florida, including a review of bus operator surveys, operational and safety effects of YTB signage, and Florida YTB statutes. The statewide bus operators’ survey highlighted different aspects of YTB programs in Florida. First, it was apparent that bus operators often have difficulty moving back into the flow of traffic from any off-line position, including bus pullout bays, right-turn lanes, and wide paved shoulders. Even with the law implemented, motorists typically do not yield to the bus. The study found that the decal currently implemented on the back of the bus has no significant safety or operational effects, and there are no roadside signs or pavement markings for YTB laws. View the full article or the entire Journal issue.