A new issue of the Transit Safety and Oversight Spotlight newsletter is now available. The February edition includes information about the National Public Transportation Safety Plan, a reminder to comment on FTA’s proposed General Directive about stop signal overruns by March 20, FTA’s recently published safety standards report, and upcoming safety training. Please share the.. read more →

This synthesis will provide state-of-the-practice information for the planning, design, and operations for fire/smoke incidents in underground or enclosed conditions of passenger rail systems.  View Report read more →

TCRP Project J-7 Synthesis Topic SA-38 Now Available Successful Practices and Training Initiatives to Reduce Bus Accidents and Incidents at Transit Agencies The purpose of this study is to document successful practices and training initiatives, including bus operator training and retraining programs, that have been effective in reducing accidents and incidents. Recognizing that safety does.. read more →

This synthesis will document public transit agency bus training and re-training programs that have been successful in reducing accidents and incidents resulting in a safe system for the community. It will also report on the current climate of transit safety-related training and evaluate an organization’s safety culture, how training is offered, how it is received,.. read more →

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 19, Issue 4 (2016) by Geetika Goel, Piyali Ghosh, Mohit Kumar Ojha, Sumit Kumar. Passengers spend considerable time on railway platforms using amenities thereon; thus, making their stay pleasurable would result in passenger satisfaction for a rail journey. The Ministry of Railways in India has initiated plans for.. read more →