This volume consists of 10 papers that explore public transportation, including:  Optimization Model for Transit Signal Priority Under Conflicting Priority Requests; Identifying Factors That Increase Bus Accident Risk by Using Random Forests and Trip-Level Data; Test and Evaluation of Systems to Warn Pedestrians of Turning Buses; and Integrated Analysis System for Rural National Transit Database. .. read more →

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 19, Issue 4 (2016) by Andrea Mather, Katharine Hunter-Zaworski. Wheeled mobility devices have been accessing public transit vehicles for decades, and most new rail transit systems are accessible. This has increased ridership by people with disabilities. Side-facing orientation on rail transit vehicles often is considered an option to.. read more →

08 Nov 2016
November 8, 2016

2017 TRB Annual Meeting

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Please join the Task Force members and friends in discussing industry issues, new technology, etc. related to public transit safety and security. These include a Sunday Workshop, sessions on both Monday and Tuesday, and a Tuesday lectern session. View Flyer read more →

Work-related fatigue is a threat to safe transport, but little has been done to structure the complex array of possible mitigating measures that risk managers can consider. To improve the situation, we review the literature to identify and explain 15 countermeasures types, which we then group into five different hazard levels along a “fatigue risk.. read more →

his synthesis will document the nature and prevalence of service guarantees among transit providers in North America. It will document the current state of the practice and benefits and implementation strategies, and identify challenges and lessons learned through a literature review, survey of representative transit agencies, and documentation of selected case examples/profiles.  View Report read more →