The program integrates national training standards, progressive classroom curricula and introductory courseware, on-the-job learning modules, an apprenticeship framework that combines well-designed sequences of learning, mentoring to support learners, and coordination of classroom and on-the-job learning. The qualification system also includes written and hands-on certification assessments to confirm that technicians have the practical knowledge and skills.. read more →

11 Feb 2014
February 11, 2014

FTA Substance Abuse Training

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FTA’s Substance Abuse One-Day Seminar training schedule has been updated. As an adjunct to the FTA Drug and Alcohol National Conference, this one-day seminar is designed to provide essential facts and information to facilitate employers’ compliance with DOT’s 49 CFR Part 40 and FTA’s 49 CFR Part 655. While a high-level overview of the regulations.. read more →

The purpose of this research was to track and observe three Florida public transit agencies as they incorporated and integrated computer-based transit bus simulators into their existing bus operator training programs. In addition to the three Florida case study agencies, four transit agencies outside Florida were contacted and interviewed on their experiences with the use.. read more →

TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Web-Only Document 60 and National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Web -Only Document 200: Command-Level Decision Making for Transit Emergency Managers describes a Transit Emergency Response Application (TERA) that is designed to train transit command-level decision makers through simulation guided experiential learning. TERA provides training and exercise for command-level.. read more →

This report provides training materials to aid in implementing the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Highway Safety Manual (HSM). The training materials are designed to provide a broad overview of the HSM format and procedures. The materials are included with the print version of NCHRP Report 715 in CD-ROM format. The training.. read more →

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 14, Issue 4 (2011) by Karen W. Lowrie, Judy A. Shaw, and Michael R. Greenberg America’s surface transportation system features long and inter-connected routes and open access to stations and vehicles, making the system vulnerable to terrorist attack. While a variety of security-related training products exist for the transportation sector,.. read more →

REACT is a two part supervisor training series in DVD format that aids transit systems in exceeding the FTA minimum supervisor training requirements delineated in 49 CFR Part 655.14(b).   REACT Part 1 addresses Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing Decision Training and is intended to be delivered in a classroom setting using the REACT Instructor’s.. read more →

Client:  U.S. Department of Transportation, FTA This is a self-paced, computer based training course was developed to raise the awareness of public transportation professionals of the effects of distracted driving and reduce the risk of distracted driving.  Peter Rogoff, FTA Administrator recorded a special public service announcement specifically for the training program which is imbedded.. read more →

The objective of this project was to take transit maintenance standards to the next level by developing activities that further the implementation of standards within the transit maintenance community. Each of the activities was intended to foster the application of national maintenance training standards as examples of best practices.  View Report read more →

This report explores the state of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operator training in the trucking and motorcoach industries.  The report examines the experiences of training programs that are using some combination of simulators and computer-based instruction and identifies measures of training effectiveness being used in the CMV community.  View Report read more →