04 Sep 2007
September 4, 2007

Clean Sober and Safe Training Video

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This online video presentation begins by describing what led to the institution of regulatory requirements for drug and alcohol testing in mass transit.  The viewer is educated on the detrimental effects that the five prohibited drugs and alcohol can have on mind and body and is given an overview of drug and alcohol testing programs… read more →

Client: Transportation Research Board (TRB)/ NCHRP Project 20-65 (02) The Toolbox for Promoting the Bus Safety and Security Program provides state departments of transportation and transit systems with resources and examples to assist them in developing and implementing bus system safety program plans. View full report. read more →

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 8, Issue 4 Special Edition: Safety and Security (2005) by Ronald W. Tarr, Vicki McGurk, Carol Jones Abstract Since 9/11, our world has changed. The threats now facing us are extreme and unpredictable. The potential for terrorists to use public transit to deliver bombs or turn public transit vehicles into.. read more →

This report  identifies and documents training strategies and curricula from existing commercial driver training programs, with the goal of identifying those commercial motor vehicle driver training tools and techniques that hold the greatest potential to improve commercial motor vehicle safety.  View Report read more →