The Journal of the Transportation Research Board No. 2516 has 11 papers concerned with operator education and regulation, safe mobility for older persons, traffic law enforcement, or alcohol and other drugs.  View Report read more →

16 Nov 2015
November 16, 2015

2016 TRB Annual Meeting

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Please join the Task Force members and friends in discussing industry issues, new technology, etc. related to public transit safety and security. The Task Force will be offering a Sunday Workshop session, two lectern sessions and our annual Task Force committee meeting. View flyer read more →

It explores the current state of practice and identifies and responds to the specific challenges and issues associated with the security of small- and medium-sized transit agencies. The report follows the five stages of protection activity (prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) by providing baseline options and identifying potential security countermeasures that could be deployed.. read more →

This report of the Transportation Research Board describes the characteristics of various alternative fuels in use by transit agencies and discusses several aspects of these fuels and handling practices including training procedures, fuel storage and handling, maintenance operations considerations, facility requirements, issues related to the buses, facility and operating costs, and environmental considerations.  View Report read more →

An overview of Naztec’s experience developing traffic signal controller software for light rail preemption and priority service is provided. It is also explained how NTCIP 1211 can provide a common framework for preemption and priority based service to strike a balance between transit and system needs.  View Report read more →

TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 117: Better On-Street Bus Stops explores major issues and successful approaches to address on-street bus stops from both the transit agency’s perspective and customer’s perspective. It documents the current state of the practice with regard to actions taken to address constraints and improvements to on-street bus stops. View.. read more →

This issue contains 19 papers concerned with transit related topics. One specific safety related topic includes measurement of travel fatigue.  View Report read more →

This conference summary includes 27 full peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the October 2009 conference. The conference highlighted the latest research on changing demographics that affect transportation planning, programming, and policy making, as well as the latest research on crash and injury prevention for different segments of the female population.  View Report read more →

This issue contains 16 papers concerned with the following aspects of transit: an innovative transport solution for suburban areas; how to expand subway and urban railway networks; track geometry for light rail systems; vehicle and pedestrian safety at light rail stops; a solution to rail overcrowding; improving metro networks; service control on a high-frequency metro.. read more →

This issue contains 13 papers that deal with various aspects of public transit. One specific safety topic discussed is driving behavior of public transportation occupational drivers.  View Report read more →