These 18 papers are concerned with the following aspects of transportation safety: driver distractions leading to crashes; impact of increases in cognitive workload on young adult drivers; impact of cognitive task complexity on drivers; effects of cognitive and perceptual loads on driver behavior; immediate recall of driver warnings in forward collision warning scenarios; conventional versus.. read more →

These 16 papers cover several aspects of transportation safety. The first 3 papers are concerned with transportation safety management, including the effective usage of harmful events data, a national traffic safety index, and safety audits of two-lane rural highways. The next 8 papers address emergency evacuation and services with particular attention to the following: the.. read more →

This report presents the Proceedings of the 2009 American Public Transportation (APTA) Bus & Paratransit Conference that was held in Austin, TX from May 1-6, 2008. The topics presented include: public transit facilities design; public transit service planning; workforce development; environmental impacts, maintenance, technological innovations; transit vehicle operations; safety, security; and emergency preparedness.  View Report read more →

These 17 papers are concerned with the following aspects of transit: the pedestrian intersection safety index applied in planning access to new rail stations; cluster-based hierarchical model for urban transit hub location planning; etc.  View Report read more →