A Qualitative Analysis of Bus Simulator Training on Transit Incidents

The purpose of this research was to track and observe three Florida public transit agencies as they incorporated and integrated computer-based transit bus simulators into their existing bus operator training programs. In addition to the three Florida case study agencies, four transit agencies outside Florida were contacted and interviewed on their experiences with the use of bus simulators in their operator training programs. The Research Team asked agencies to provide any relevant data they may have collected to track the performance of the simulator training to allow for a more robust discussion of safety improvements that may have resulted. The report also provides insight from the transit agencies’ perspectives on how their simulators are utilized, and offers important perspective on lessons learned and best and model practices. Download a PDF copy of the presentation. Download the final report.

Presenters: Amber Reep, Senior Research Associate, USF-CUTR, Rosemary Bosby, StarMetro, and Bill Mayer, VOTRAN.
Moderator: Elizabeth Stutts, FDOT Project Manager

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