With the Ebola virus making headlines around the world and cold and flu season upon us, taking precautions to prevent illness is a topic on everyone’s mind. NTI’s course, Infectious Disease Awareness for Transit Employees, can help inform your employees about the things they can do to stay healthy in the face of a variety of communicable diseases.

Infectious Disease Awareness for Transit Employees (available as both Direct Delivery and Train-the-Trainer)

Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention is designed to provide up to date and accurate information on a variety of infectious diseases to which transit employees may be exposed on the job. Participants will learn how diseases such as the flu, viral hepatitis and HIV are spread and how to best protect themselves against infection. They will also review recommended procedures to follow for handling and disposing of infectious waste and for disinfecting and decontaminating themselves, equipment, and facilities in the event of an exposure.

For more information please contact Coleen Meyer or call (848) 932-6580.

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