TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2540 consists of 15 papers that explore public transportation, including:
  • Development and Application of a Scale to Measure Station Design Quality for Personal Safety
  • Group and Single Pedestrian Behavior in Crowd Dynamics
  • Use of Agent-Based Crowd Simulation to Investigate the Performance of Large-Scale Intermodal Facilities: Case Study of Union Station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Streetcar Resurgence in the United States: Transit Strategy, Growth Machine Tactic, or Some of Both?
  • Evaluating Pay-on-Entry Versus Proof-of-Payment Ticketing in Light Rail Transit
  • Redesigning Rail Transit Short-Turn Operations: Case Study of Line 2 of the Shanghai Metro in China
  • Planning Urban Ring Rail Transit Lines: Case Study of Shanghai, China
  • Integrated Line Planning and Train Scheduling for an Urban Rail Transit Line
  • Tapping into Delay: Assessing Rail Transit Passenger Delay with Data from a Tap-In, Tap-Out Fare System
  • Study of Standing Passenger Density in Subway Cars Based on Passengers’ Spatial Comfort: Case Study of Beijing Subway Line 4
  • Time-Expanded Network Model of Train-Level Subway Ridership Flows Using Actual Train Movement Data
  • Impact of Platform Edge Doors on Passengers’ Boarding and Alighting Time and Platform Behavior
  • Geographic Information System Concept of Operations as a First Step Toward Total Enterprise Asset Management: Metro-North Commuter Railroad Case Study
  • Tram Safety in Mixed Traffic: Best Practices from Switzerland
  • Alternative Methods for the Calculation of Pedestrian Catchment Areas for Public Transit

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