Regulations and Standards

This website contains a summary of and links to state laws and regulations related to transit safety.  This includes, but is not limited to, the identification of the following:

  • State Departments of Transportation that regulate or provide some level of control over the maintenance or operational requirements of transit or paratransit vehicles operated by public transit agencies in their states
  • States that have developed transit bus operating and/or vehicle safety standards
  • States that are conducting (or have conducted) transit vehicle procurements and indicate if the specifications developed for those procurements exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • States that have developed transit bus standards based upon crash or component testing and research
  • States that require annual transit bus inspections
  • Other transit safety-related regulations, laws, policies, or directives issued by a state to promote and ensure public transit safety within that state

A pdf of the summary of state laws and regulations that also contains a summary of Federal regulations related to transit safety can be obtained here.  For the laws and regulations of a specific state, you may either click on the state on the map provided below or in the list of states that follow.  Please note that the pdf document includes narrative that is not updated in real time.  However, all links contained within that document and linked through the map and/or list of states below, are active and will direct you to the actual state-hosted website where accurate, up-to-date information may be obtained.

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