This research is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation and is being conducted by the National Center for Transit Research at the Center for Urban Transportation Research.   The goals of this research activities include:

  1. Identify the prevalence of assaults on bus transit passengers – both those meeting the thresholds for a NTD major incident, as well as those incidents that transit agencies are recording and tracking that may be at thresholds significantly less than those that would prompt an incident to be reported as a NTD major incident.
  2. Identify the time of day within which the assaults are occurring
  3. Identify the locations where assaults are occurring (i.e., on board, transfer stations, bus stops)
  4. Identify any other environmental factors which may contribute to an increased occurrence of assaults
  5. Identify any mitigation measures transit agencies have employed to reduce the incidence rate of these assaults
  6. Identify any mitigation measures that may not be currently utilized by Florida’s public transportation agencies that may be deemed relevant and successful in curtailing assaults on transit passengers.