The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Highway and Motor Carrier (HMC) Section and the Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC) collaborated with multiple HMC stakeholders to create this security guidance, which serves to enhance security awareness among the industry.

This guidance offers useful information, tips, and tools to strengthen the industry’s resistance to disruption of its critical services. It contains viable options for consideration, but these recommended measures are not required by TSA or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). TSA does not intend for the information in this document to conflict with or supersede existing regulatory requirements, statutory requirements, or laws. Furthermore, stakeholders using this guidance should ensure practices align with company/organizational policies and protocols prior to implementation.

While many of the security practices published in this document apply to all elements of the HMC community (i.e., trucking, commercial and school passenger carriers, and infrastructure), some meet only the needs of a specific stakeholder element. Where those circumstances occur, this guide attempts to note the exceptions.

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