The sideview camera system has been shown to eliminate blind zones by providing a view to the driver in real time. In order to provide the best integration of these systems, an integrated camera-mirror system (hybrid system) was developed and tested. Traditional aftermarket systems utilize wide-angle cameras, which provide up to 100-degree horizontal field of.. read more →

The findings from the NCTR project entitled Evaluation of Camera-Based Systems to Reduce Transit Bus Side Collisions are presented. Current transit bus mirrors have driver field-of-view limitations. These blind zones are the major contributing factor in sideswipe and side crashes involving transit buses. This NCTR project evaluated the effectiveness of camera-based systems to reduce transit.. read more →

The camera-based system has great potential to reduce transit bus side crashes. This study reviewed and compared mirror-based, sensor-based, and camera-based systems for side collision avoidance.It evaluated the effectiveness of camera-based systems to reduce transit bus side crashes through measuring the reduction of blind zones and analyzing the results of controlled driving tests and driver.. read more →