This Guidebook will assist small, medium, and large transit agencies and their community members in better understanding bus-and-pedestrian collisions and in determining preventative or remedial strategies for reducing the frequency and severity of these types of collisions.  View Report read more →

This report examines the application of audible signals for pedestrian safety in light rail transit (LRT) environments. The report includes descriptions of audible signal systems and associated operating procedures, their integration with other crossing measures, potential criteria for their use, and their likely effectiveness and limitations. Details of a survey that was used to help.. read more →

The purpose of this literature review is to summarize the relevant literature and research that has been conducted in the area of audible warnings for pedestrians at light rail transit (LRT) grade crossings. The numerous references outlined in this report provide research findings and recommendations for grade crossing treatments or for pedestrian audible warnings; however,.. read more →