This report  explores the distinct characteristics of rural and small urban area transit facilities and historical cost data. The report includes a prototype tool that may assist agencies with preparing conceptual estimates.  View Report read more →

Research Objectives The objective of this study is to develop guidelines/recommendations and estimated costs for managing transit stops during adjacent highway construction operations with a focus on safety and the customers. This guidance will serve as a planning tool, design and construction guides for Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) coordination for transit agencies, highway design engineers,.. read more →

This paper provides a rough design toolkit for improving the safety of LRT (Light Rail Transit) urban insertion. This toolkit has been prepared after the analysis of more than 130 examples of good and bad practices related to LRT urban insertion in 13 European countries, which have taken place during the first working phase of.. read more →

This report provides training materials to aid in implementing the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Highway Safety Manual (HSM). The training materials are designed to provide a broad overview of the HSM format and procedures. The materials are included with the print version of NCHRP Report 715 in CD-ROM format. The training.. read more →

This report explores planning, designing, and operating various kinds of busways through roadway intersections. The report examines at-grade intersections along busways within arterial street medians; physically separated, side-aligned busways; busways on separate rights-of-way; and bus-only ramps. The intersections highlighted include highway intersections, midblock pedestrian crossings, and bicycle crossings. Appendixes A through I of the contractor’s.. read more →