This 2015 Fundamentals document synthesizes the recent federal and state guidance and research efforts from a state DOT perspective and lays out a set of capabilities for state DOTs that addresses all-hazards infrastructure protection, resilience, and emergency management and reflects national preparedness goals. The goal of this document is to provide a resource for state.. read more →

The objective of this research is to develop an all-hazards emergency evacuation guide for transportation and emergency management agencies that integrates the broad community of resources that are necessary to plan, train, exercise, and execute evacuations. The primary audiences are those at the state and local level who are responsible for planning (and execution or.. read more →

TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 150: Communication with Vulnerable Populations: A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit describes how to create a communication process to reach vulnerable populations regarding their transportation options in emergencies. The toolkit provides a guiding framework and tools for constructing a scalable, adaptable communication process built on a network of.. read more →