This issue consists of 18 papers that examine resilience and climate change issues, as it relates to transportation, including: Resilience of Coastal Transportation Networks Faced with Extreme Climatic Events; Analysis of Transportation Network Vulnerability Under Flooding Disasters; Vulnerability Evaluation of Logistics Transportation Networks Under Seismic Disasters; Integrating Stochastic Failure of Road Network and Road Recovery.. read more →

This volume is a collection of 15 papers and is concerned with infrastructure management and maintenance. Topics discussed include estimating capital and maintenance costs for roads, a maintenance ranking procedure, modeling highway maintenance schedules with budget constraints, reducing the environmental risk of herbicides, bridge deck management, enhanced bridge management, rapid bridge replacement after extreme events,.. read more →

The report is designed to provide transportation tunnel owners and operators with guidelines for protecting their tunnels by minimizing the damage potential from extreme events such that, if damaged, they may be returned to full functionality in relatively short periods. The report examines safety and security guidelines for owners and operators of transportation tunnels to.. read more →