An overview of Naztec’s experience developing traffic signal controller software for light rail preemption and priority service is provided. It is also explained how NTCIP 1211 can provide a common framework for preemption and priority based service to strike a balance between transit and system needs.  View Report read more →

TRB has released TCRP Report 175: Guidebook on Pedestrian Crossings of Public Transit Rail Services. This report presents a wide array of engineering treatments designed to help improve pedestrian safety for three types of ¬public transit rail services: light rail, commuter rail and streetcar. View Report read more →

This report describes all steps in the bus and light rail scheduling process. The manual consists of two sections: a basic treatment and an advanced section. The basic-level section is in an instructional format designed primarily for novice schedulers and other transit staff. The advanced section covers more complex scheduling requirements.  View Report read more →