The goal of this study is to provide an overview of the current state of practice regarding the deployment of BEBs (i.e., planning, service, operations and maintenance). Information will be gathered by a literature review (e.g. agency reports, peer reviewed journal articles) and a survey of all the current transit systems that operate BEBs. Transit.. read more →

This document explores a track inspection method known as performance based track geometry, and explores the potential for this method to be applied in transit to optimize maintenance and ride quality.  View Report read more →

This report includes the results of three research tasks carried out under TCRP Project D-7, Joint Rail Transit-Related Research with the Association of American Railroads/Transportation Technology Center, Inc.: Alternative Broken Rail Technologies for Transit Applications, Prototype Demonstration of Film Coating to Reduce Noise and Wear in the Transit Environment, and In-Track Rail Welding in Transit.. read more →

The purpose of this synthesis is to document highly specialized elevator/escalator (El/Es) maintenance, safety practices, and passenger communication efforts at five U.S. transit agencies: MARTA (Atlanta, Georgia), NYCTA (New York City), SEPTA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), CTA (Chicago, Illinois), and BART (San Francisco, California).  View Report read more →

This report presents the Proceedings of the 2009 American Public Transportation (APTA) Bus & Paratransit Conference that was held in Austin, TX from May 1-6, 2008. The topics presented include: public transit facilities design; public transit service planning; workforce development; environmental impacts, maintenance, technological innovations; transit vehicle operations; safety, security; and emergency preparedness.  View Report read more →

This volume is a collection of 15 papers and is concerned with infrastructure management and maintenance. Topics discussed include estimating capital and maintenance costs for roads, a maintenance ranking procedure, modeling highway maintenance schedules with budget constraints, reducing the environmental risk of herbicides, bridge deck management, enhanced bridge management, rapid bridge replacement after extreme events,.. read more →