The goal of this project was to develop a Transit Emergency Response Application (TERA) that accurately trains transit command-level decision makers through simulation guided experiential learning. Simulated guided experiential learning provides gradual and consistent guidance while using a blend of instructional strategies to aid learners in achieving expert performance. TERA provides training and exercise for.. read more →

The 2010 Guide is designed for use by executive management and emergency response planners at state transportation agencies as they and their local/regional counterparts assess their respective emergency response plans and identify areas needing improvement. The 2010 Guide reflects accepted practices in emergency response planning and incorporates advances made over the last decade in Traffic.. read more →

This sixth volume of NCHRP Report 525: Surface Transportation Security is designed to assist transportation agencies in adopting the National  Incident Management System (NIMS). The objective of Volume 6: Guide for Emergency Transportation Operations is to support the development of a formal program for the improved management of traffic incidents, natural disasters, security events, and.. read more →