his synthesis will document the nature and prevalence of service guarantees among transit providers in North America. It will document the current state of the practice and benefits and implementation strategies, and identify challenges and lessons learned through a literature review, survey of representative transit agencies, and documentation of selected case examples/profiles.  View Report read more →

This guidebook is a resource for transit and roadway agency staff seeking to improve bus speed and reliability on surface streets while addressing the needs of other roadway users, including motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, as well as nearby land uses.  View Report read more →

This report examines the application of audible signals for pedestrian safety in light rail transit (LRT) environments. The report includes descriptions of audible signal systems and associated operating procedures, their integration with other crossing measures, potential criteria for their use, and their likely effectiveness and limitations. Details of a survey that was used to help.. read more →

The project team analyzed the existing system and its limitations to determine changes that would be needed to implement signal control priority in a fashion that was amenable to both the transit agency and the city traffic engineer. The result will be a priority control system that provides time savings for LRT vehicles while maintaining.. read more →