This report  summarizes the current state of the practice regarding incident response and identifies strategies for post-incident evaluations.  View Report read more →

Track inspection is a critical process for both freight and transit rail safety. Currently, many rail transit agencies rely heavily on visual inspection, which is time and resource consuming, inefficient, and sometimes unreliable. Although some rail transit agencies do use ultrasound or track geometry car for track inspections, these devices can only identify certain types.. read more →

As there are no actual rail track safety or maintenance standards promulgated for transit, this synthesis offers state-of-the-practice information across a range of older and newer U.S. rail transit agencies on track inspection practices and policies. The goal is to provide rail transit agencies with a knowledge base of information that might help them to.. read more →

This report describes the demonstration of an innovative  system to reduce the hazards of working in the track environment. It describes the deployment of the system, provides a summary of developments to further enhance the system for transit agencies and railroads, describes the testing of the system, and summarizes user feedback. View Report read more →

This project developed and tested a device to give early warning to rail transit personnel of an approaching train and to give early warning to the train operator that personnel are ahead on the tracks.  View Report read more →

This Transit IDEA project demonstrates a cost-effective electrospray technology employing an entirely different approach based on the remarkable effectiveness of small, highly charged liquid droplets formed from an electrospray source to “getter” both polarizable particles and polar molecules dispersed in a gas. This technology offers the smallest and most effective means to rapidly collect and.. read more →