The transit industry has always shown a great interest in the adoption of transformational safety technologies to improve the safety of its passengers and drivers, as well as all road users including pedestrians. Due to its unique characteristics and behaviors, such as vehicle size and frequent stops/starts, transit often deals with safety challenges and priorities.. read more →

In this study, researchers at the National Center for Transit Research performed a multi-topic comprehensive examination of bus operator-related critical safety and personal security issues. The goals of this research effort were to: Identify and discuss the organizational reporting structure related to safety departments and/or function within each of the 30 fixed route public transit.. read more →

December 5, 2013, 2:00-3:30pm (EST) Description: This webcast will highlight passages and questions of the ANPRM that may be of particular interest to medium and large transit systems. PowerPoint Presentation read more →

December 3, 2013, 1:00-2:00pm (EST) Description: This webcast will identify specific sections of the ANPRM as they relate to small transit systems. PowerPoint Presentation read more →

This paper provides a rough design toolkit for improving the safety of LRT (Light Rail Transit) urban insertion. This toolkit has been prepared after the analysis of more than 130 examples of good and bad practices related to LRT urban insertion in 13 European countries, which have taken place during the first working phase of.. read more →

Providing both theoretical and empirical perspectives on safety conditions at subway stations is the aim of this book. In order for a city to be sustainable, it must enable the mobility needs of its citizens via accessible, reliable and safe transportation systems. Thus, safety is one of the many factors influencing the mobility of individuals.. read more →

The purpose of this research was to track and observe three Florida public transit agencies as they incorporated and integrated computer-based transit bus simulators into their existing bus operator training programs. In addition to the three Florida case study agencies, four transit agencies outside Florida were contacted and interviewed on their experiences with the use.. read more →

This report describes the demonstration of an innovative  system to reduce the hazards of working in the track environment. It describes the deployment of the system, provides a summary of developments to further enhance the system for transit agencies and railroads, describes the testing of the system, and summarizes user feedback. View Report read more →

Transit Research Board Annual Meeting  (1/14/2013) View Webinar read more →

Public transportation systems are among the most open public facilities in the world and susceptible to breaches of security. Reconciling the need for workplace safety and security with budgetary pressures requires new approaches to increase the effectiveness of existing solutions while preserving flexibility and low costs.An inexpensive sensor-based intrusion detection system that remotely monitors and.. read more →