The Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2424 consists of eight papers that address a new snapshot generation protocol for travel-time estimation in a connected vehicle environment, the safety impacts of intervehicle warning information systems for moving hazards in connected vehicle environments, near-crash identification in a connected vehicle environment, and energy consumption reduction strategies.. read more →

Urban centers often have public transportation stations near busy streets, in locations where potential users may have to cross a street to board the train. Depending on the station location, the traffic and pedestrian density, and frequency of service, pedestrian street crossing behavior may be problematic. Over the course of a typical day, depending on.. read more →

Providing both theoretical and empirical perspectives on safety conditions at subway stations is the aim of this book. In order for a city to be sustainable, it must enable the mobility needs of its citizens via accessible, reliable and safe transportation systems. Thus, safety is one of the many factors influencing the mobility of individuals.. read more →