This project investigated the use of electrostatically charged aerosol decontamination (ECAD) to restore rail transit facilities in the event of a chemical or biological release. The application of this approach to a large, complex facility, such as a rail transit station and subway tunnel, presents a challenge to both the delivery system and the decontamination agent. This project addressed the critical initial stage development and validation of an automated delivery system (ECADS) in providing effective decontamination coverage in subway stations. Foster-Miller Inc. developed the requirements for a large-scale, automated system to provide subway station and subway tunnel decontamination, developed a concept model to meet those requirements, and conducted static tests at a selected Metrorail station to determine ECADS nozzle effectiveness in the transit facility environment and to identify performance enhancements. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) participated in this project by assisting in developing the requirements (needs statements) for such a system for Metrorail stations, provided technical guidance, and participated in the prototype testing in their transit system.  View Report

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