03 Oct 2017
October 3, 2017

(U) Active Shooter Indicators

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(U) As many active shooting incidents indicate a level of pre-planning, the following is a not all inclusive list of behavioral indicators that may suggest pre-operational planning in active shooter incidents. Several indicators may indicate a heightened threat.

• (U) Increased advocacy of violence, erratic, unsafe, or aggressive behaviors;
• (U) Idolizing previous active shooting incidents or those who committed them;
• (U) Belief the individual will advance a particular cause or belief in their actions;
• (U) Hostile feelings of injustice or perceived wrongdoing;
• (U) Distancing from friends, family, and co-workers;
• (U) Changes in work performance;
• (U) Sudden changes in home life or personality;
• (U) Elevated stress levels due to a significant event;
• (U) Sudden withdrawal or interruption in use of medications or other substance use;
• (U) Financial instability;
• (U) Pending civil or criminal proceedings;
• (U) Observable grievances with threats and plans of retribution;
• (U) Familiarity with the shooting location, surroundings, first responders tactics, firearms training, and
• (U) No planned escape route or willingness to commit suicide or be killed by law enforcement response.

Source: FBI.gov, DHS.gov

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